5 Significant Features That Every Ecommerce Website Must Own


An ecommerce website design plays a pivotal role in transforming the way your business performs. A lucrative design is capable of converting your visitors into customers and that is why you must ensure that you are leaving no stones unturned in creating an attractive website.
While designing one must remember that every website is unique in its own way. In their endeavour to stand out, designers make use of the latest trends and imbibe exclusive features like product previews from 360-degree, animation, dynamic search of products and advanced filtering.
Nevertheless, trends are not enough to guarantee a pleasant user experience or greater conversion rates. There are certain trends that can assist in making the ecommerce sites efficient and competitive.
Here an attempt is made to bring forth such features that can help your business grab eyeballs and appreciation online and generate more sales within a limited period of time.

• A Simple, Clean and Modern Design – The first impression is in most cases the last one and in case of your website, it is the first chance that you get to commence your sales process with the consumer. No matter what products you are selling, their essence must be felt without effort. The components must be able to match the corporate style and identity of your site. That is why element customization must be done well.

• Effortless Usage – Simplicity is that goal for any worthy design and for achieving that elegance does not need to be compromised. Studies reveal that more than 75 percent of the consumers place effortless usability as the most vital component while purchasing online. That is why you should emphasise on improving the user experience by providing filters, shopping categories and comparison abilities. Take into account the FAQ information and customer reviews to make things easier and help the buyers decide faster. Thus, you can make sure that the purchasing experience is not a troublesome exercise but a source of sheer delight for the customers.

• Include Detailed Yet Concise Product Information –Visitors must know what they are purchasing from you. So they won’t buy the product if the product information is not provided in a clear and comprehensive manner. That is why you must ensure that all the vital features of the product are presented. But one thing that you need to take care of in this regard is that the users should not have to wade through the paragraphs for discovering the features. You should put the most vital features and then follow them with any added information that relates to the specifics of the products. Just a decent sized product picture and relevant information are sufficient in this case. Overdoing will not help you in customer retention too.

• Mobile-friendly Website – It has been declared by Google that every site must have a version that is mobile-friendly or it will suffer the consequences of poor SEO. What’s more, these days one in every three or four purchases that are accomplished online are executed through mobile. The content of responsive sites automatically adapts to any device that is used for accessing and thus, makes shopping an enjoyable experience for the customers.

• Offer an Easy Checkout Process – One thing that is almost essential without which no ecommerce businesses can thrive happen to be an easy checkout process. Customers do not usually prefer the checkout process to extend over a couple of pages. But that is not possible always. So you can take all the valuable information like the billing and mailing details, shipping option and credit card number all on one page just after the page of order confirmation. Anything else in this regard can make the visitors irritated and leave for another shop. Or they may complete their purchase but will not return the next time they need anything.

The above are some of the essential features that every ecommerce businesses must own to attract more visitors, convert them to customers and retain them in the long run.

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