Outsource Application Development – What To Consider


The smartphone market has become profitable, becoming a strategy of approaching customers and even tools for corporations. Thus, mobile app shows the strength they have in today’s day-to-day life, making corporations consider application outsourcing.

After all, there are many benefits to IT outsourcing, ranging from the focus on the core business to the scalability of the application and the business. Read what to consider before application outsourcing.

Evaluation criteria for app companies

Before embarking on what needs to be evaluated in the company to be outsourced, it is important to keep in mind what are the needs of your business, objective with the application, functions that it will perform, what problem the mobile software will solve and the like. That is, having the business plan and scope of the app at hand.


The choice of the ideal company is based on “how well can it solve the problem”. Thus, get to know the tools and programming languages that the outsourced dominates. This is important, as it is not possible to use the same language to develop applications for both Android and iOS. It is essential that the company has professionals specialized in different languages.

Experiences and portfolio

Knowing the expertise comes up against the company’s experiences. After all, the more practical, the greater the expertise. Thus, seek to know the other applications developed by the company and the ratings, number of downloads and comments made by users. Another relevant point is to understand how the app stands out in the app stores. 

Cost benefit

The best talents from any region can add to the development of applications, which means that different values can also arise in the choice. 

When choosing companies from different countries, take into account the currency, how much it costs and the exchange rate, as well as cultural and language barriers. Understand better by reading about the types of outsourcing: onshore, near-shore and offshore.

Technology update

Year after year we see several technological launches, especially at events such as those promoted by the Consumer Technology Association (CES), among many others of regular accomplishments. Therefore, new technologies and trends are constantly developing.

Therefore, outsourced development solutions increase because of the speed that technology advances. It is very difficult for a company to fulfill this mission and ensure that the technology is cutting edge. 

In short

Application outsourcing from our mobile apps development company is an excellent solution, whether for the purpose of approaching the public, new sales channels, integration of corporate information, among others. The digital transformation has required business adaptation, increasing the demand for applications.

In addition, outsourcing development brings benefits such as determining the time of hiring, not establishing an employment relationship and, especially, focus on the core business. After all, C-levels spend most of their time solving crises, so all time is precious.

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