Know How You Can Download Myjio App


MyJio is the application that you can use for managing the different Jio numbers that you have under your mantle. You can recharge your numbers after browsing the amazing data and mobile plans that you have – the best part is that you can recharge any Jiodevice of yours, not only the mobile which the app is downloaded on.

How can I download MyJio?

The MyJio download can be carried on through any app store, be it Play Store or App store. All you have to do is search for the app and click on Install – it is that simple.

How do I log in to MyJio?

If the number that you have used to download the app is of Jio network, you will automatically log in. However, in the event of Case 2 which is the Jio number and your phone number is not the same, you can use two ways to log in – either generate an OTP or use your Jio ID and password to log in.

What is this Jio ID that may be required?

When you first sign in to myJio, you can avail this Jio ID service to get uniformity over all your Jio accounts and devices. All you have to do is click on Sign up. After you do so, give in your registered mobile number and after confirming the OTP, you have to put in a valid email ID that you can use and your preferred password. MyJio will send you a verification link to your email ID. You have 24 hours to verify your account and voila, your Jio ID is created.

What are the device requirements for downloading MyJio?

Your device needs to be armed with Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 or higher versions for the MyJio download.

What services are availed through the MyJio app?

  • You can check your data balance and details pertaining to that through the app.
  • You can browse data or mobile or other device plans for recharging your devices and proceed with the recharge through the MyJio app.
  • You can get the in-depth statements for your data usage from this app.
  • If you need help, then MyJio can also locate JioNet hotspots or stores that are nearby to you. You can also take the help of the online support system that includes How To videos, FAQs, troubleshooting methods, tips that could help and a customer care assistant “Hello Jio” to address all your worries.
  • You can manage multiple Jio numbers through that one account. The best feature in this category is that if all your Jio numbers have been linked to your Aadhar card, then all you need to do is give the input of your Aadhar card number and MyJio will automatically link all your numbers with the app.

The above questions are the most popular concerns that people have while wondering if they should download MyJio app. This article hopes to dispel you of all the doubts flying around in your head.

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