How to create your own website with 5 easy Steps


Creating your own website for the first time may sound quite daunting experience and also presumed to be required a professional web designer or developer. Well, if you need some heavy-work or complex dynamic website, you certainly require a professional on that but with a basic but yet attractive website only requires some good work done. Here are the 5 easy steps to follow in order to create your own website.

5 easy steps to build your own website

Step 1:  Hosting your website

Web hosting is the very first step where you get a virtual space for your website or content like texts, images, videos, files and more to exist. There are various options for web hosting customized in different packages. It depends upon your budget and requirements. Free hosting services are not free from copyright and stuffed with ads and cannot be used as professionally. So better it purchase a web-hosting package where you can host multiple websites as well.

Step 2:  Purchasing & registering a domain name

A domain name is that URL which is easily remembered by the people and used as web address to reach your website. You can buy a .com, .in or .co depends upon your target and requirement. Domain name are quite cheap as comparison to web-hosting. It is recommended to get domain name registration from the same company offering web hosting. One of the most renowned names in market is GoDaddy which offers affordable and customized web hosting plans and domain name registration. You need to choose a unique, interesting and user-friendly domain name relevant to your brand, product or topic.

Step 3:  Planning your website

Planning your website includes figuring out the basic design and composition of your website. You need to take some important decision such as which kind of website you need or want its navigation design, layout, content and other elements. You need to know which type of website you want to design like whether it is personal blog, a business website, portfolio, e-commerce or what. You need to choose layout as whether it will be single-page website, a dynamic website or what.

Step 4:  Developing & Designing your website

Developing and designing requires some knowledge and skill work on website designer or coding platform. You can choose create web pages, buttons, menus, links and categories for your website through the editor or code page. If you are not technical person, visual editor and customize options are very much easy to build a great website.

Step 5:  Promoting & maintaining your website

Once you publish your website after completion of developing and designing, next thing is promotion. You are suppose to promote your website through social media websites like facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest and many more. Also need to maintain your website time to time, updating content and taking care of speed, accuracy, content and change in design throughout the time. Use digital marketing strategies to market your website to the larger audience.

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