How to choose the right building insulation system?


Each property, regardless of whether it is a residential, office building, intended for rent or for public use, should be properly secured and insulated. Although many of us consider the installation of a heating system in many buildings to be absurd and unnecessary, it is worth getting acquainted with the topic and deepen your knowledge about the advantages and positive effects of such an investment. Properly adjusted insulation to our property is a guarantee of protection against the multiplication of bacteria and mold, which are very harmful to the human body, and excellent protection of the walls against the negative effects of weather conditions. So how do you choose the right insulation system for your property and what to consider when making decisions about the installation of external wall insulation?

Advantages of having the right insulation system an insulation system that is

Suited to your needs and expectations is one that will reduce the cost of maintaining your property and will properly protect the building from the multiplication of moisture and mold. Non-insulated, raw walls absorb up to 45% of the heat obtained by electric heating, which generates high costs associated with the consumption of electricity. When deciding on the installation of external wall insulation, it is worth considering such factors as economy, functionality, proper protection of the building and careful and aesthetic finish of the facade. An excellent insulation system is the insulation of external walls using high-quality materials such as polystyrene and high-performance render surface. The guarantee of durability of this solution is suitably matched products and materials, which are designed to provide reliable protection of the walls against the penetration of moisture and escape of heat accumulated inside.

Insulation of external walls – economy and functionality

The main aspects that we usually follow when choosing the insulation system are the economic issues that have the greatest impact on our decisions. Each of us wants to minimize the costs associated with maintaining a household, so the prospect of investing large money is not very attractive to us. Although the installation of external wall insulation requires some financial outlay, in retrospect, it is a very economical solution, because the savings on monthly bills for electricity consumption will increase significantly, equalizing all costs associated with installation work. In addition to the economic aspect, it is worth paying attention to the functionality of insulation of external walls, which will not only provide us with maintaining the optimal temperature inside the building, but also protect the walls against the development of mold and bacteria. Appropriate security of the property is the key to the durability of our facade and insulation system.

Why is it worth investing in insulation of external walls?

Insulation of external walls is a thermal insulation system that not only protects the property against heat loss, but above all minimizes the absorption of moisture and strengthens the entire building. Adequate protection against cracks caused by high or extremely low temperatures, damage caused by strong pressure on the walls, cavities and unevenness, which unnoticed deepen and reach the foam layer, causing water penetration – these are the main advantages of investing in insulation of external walls. Thanks to such a warming system, you are guaranteed durability and savings on future electricity bills, which will increase to optimally high amounts per year. After a few years of using external wall insulation, the amount invested in installation will pay back in the form of minimizing the cost of maintaining the property.

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