How much does it cost to start a WordPress blog?


How much does it cost to run a blog? If you are thinking of starting a new blog and this question must have crossed your mind. Along with this, you might also ask if we can just use any free platform. But when you think of using a free platform, you will not control over your website, and that makes things scary.

Let’s look at the points which state that using a free platform for blogging is not the very best thing for your blogs.

Can be shut down anytime-

Having a free platform for your website can be very scary as you do not have any control over their working and their shop can be shut anytime, and you will be left high and dry. Your website will be shut down with them, and you will not be able to do anything regarding this.

Follow their policies-

You will not have your own terms and conditions but to follow theirs. Even if they are not aligning with your policies, you will not have much of choice. You can check the WordPress Agency and their terms to get all the information.

Not selling blogs in future-

When you are using a free platform and following their terms and conditions, you won’t be able to sell your blog in the future. Selling blogs is the biggest advantage of having an independent online platform. You will forfeit your income as you have chosen a free platform for blogging.

Now, coming to the real question! How much running a blogging website will cost?

You should be aware of the costs, which are involved in this, and we will share those, and then you will have an idea about how much will be there and on what things you need to spend.

Hardware cost

Having professional blogging will be way more different than the casual one. You will need hardware like a decent laptop, webcams, and good internet connection along with some good length lens for the blogs. All these things depend on your needs and the extent of the business. These may include software as well.

Domain Cost

Your domain is your identity online, and for this, you have to pay to the onsite platform. You have to buy your name and register it so that you are being identified by this online. While buying it, make sure that you are the only one who owns it.

Hosting cost

The hosting cost depends on the traffic you are getting on your website. The cost involves the people who are watching your website, and you becoming a host for them. If it is just a new blog, then it will cost much less.

Design and advertising cost

There are customs designs available online, and you can choose any designers for your website. You can have the sketch to WordPress code as well for a better design.Make sure to cut some slack for advertising and designing costs when you are going online with your website. These things will greatly affect the popularity of your blog.So, what are you waiting for now? Just get your blog website started and rock the online world!

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