How long does it take to make a website on WordPress?


A fairly frequent question concerns the timing of the creation of a WordPress website. The correct answer is “it depends”. We know that there are different types of website: static site consisting of a few pages, dynamic site, sales page, online shop – the amount of work necessary for the development of the site therefore certainly depends on the type of web project you are working on, but not only.

The web development part is, in fact, only the central part of the website creation process: before the technical realization, in fact, a part of the analysis and a strategy is necessary, to define which objectives you want to achieve and which tools to use and what is the method of making your website. For example, many developers prefer to convert PSD designs to WordPress or use a sketch for making WordPress website designs.

Without adequate preliminary analysis, it is, in fact, likely to take much longer to correct any errors made or to make important changes. It will, therefore, be necessary to proceed with due calm if the idea is still to be defined.

Once the project is defined, we move on to the technical realization of the website, which indicatively requires these development times:

  •       A static site consisting of a few pages (1-5): from a few days to a week
  •       A dynamic site with graphics chosen from multiple models: at least a week
  •       A dynamic site with the customized graphic template: at least 2 weeks
  • E-commerce site for online sales: at least 4 weeks

It is good to point out that the development of the website begins only when a web designer is in possession of all the material necessary to create the site: it will be necessary to have precisely defined together with the customer what will be the sections that will make up the site, what functions to insert, what kind of graphics to use, to have a draft of texts and graphic material. It is also essential to have decided with certainty which type of site to build, so as to avoid having to structure the site again (and therefore take additional time).

When does the creation of a site end?

After the creation of the website, it is put online, however, this does not end the process of creating an effective website. To make the website more visible on the internet, it will be necessary to work on optimizing content for search engines, SEO, and possibly launch online advertising campaigns. The latter part is obviously at the discretion of the customer: the website is already visible and perfectly usable. However, it is now known that having a website with few visits is in fact like not having it.

If your goal is not simply to “have a site” but to create a successful website, which attracts many visits every month and generates sales, it will be necessary to set up an online communication strategy aimed at the purpose, not only to make the site more visible on Google and search engines, but also to capture the attention and interest of potential customers who visit the site. WordPress sites are considered as the best for SEO because they are CMS based. Hiring a WordPress Agency is the best for you if you don’t have the proper knowledge. A more in-depth preliminary analysis and technical optimization work of at least another week for a medium-sized site is therefore necessary.

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