Covid 19: Why Brand Connections Matter?


This unprecedented pandemic COVID 19 has created a drastic economic slowdown globally.  Every activity of big, medium and small businesses has been suspended until further notice. And the CEOs to the employees have been asked to stay at home by their governments. For the first time in history, health is prioritised ahead of the business. This has taken a shift in communications, including customer behaviour. People are experiencing conflicting emotions, which is changing day by day. So it is important for brands to connect with the customers in an honest way, and establish a true emotional connection.

Across the globe, there is no movement of any human or goods. Manufacturing is at a standstill, there is neither distribution nor delivery of goods. So, how long is the nightmare expected to last, and what is the best way to keep our customers connected to the brand? The following are the tips offered by the branding agency Sydney, to help your brand stay connected with your customers – 

Make Fullest Use of the digital Communications

In this present situation, the only way that you can communicate with your customers is through the digital channel. So, keep your website, social channels, apps videos and email marketing activities to interact with your customers. Fortunately, all this can be accessed from home. This way, you have greater chances to stay connected with your customers, but don’t be salesy, instead connect emotionally. Empathise! Give them health updates, keep them informed about the current conditions, and ask them to stay positive. Once after the condition becomes normal, you can get back to the market to recoup your share of the wallet. The entire world is surviving in this hope! You can also get help from the digital creative agency to help with digital communications. 

Don’t Reduce Your Marketing Spends, Rather Optimise It

You might be of the assumption, as to why spend on marketing when the whole world is locked down or might be trying to reduce the existing ad spends. According to The World Advertising Research Centre (WARC), most brands in China maintained connections – and sales throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, simply by changing their marketing messages, and the media mix. This has saved many businesses from ineffective marketing. Also, the Gartner report from China states that time spent online by the people upsurged by 20%,  Social networking has become their favourite activity,  watching short videos increased by 14%, and reading news or other information shot up by 14%.In the upcoming months, smart companies are all set to change their marketing efforts online, where customers will be available online most of the time. Optimise your digital strategy with a professional digital marketing agency Sydney today!

Personalise&Build Trust 

Communicate your empathy through personalised messages. Tell your customers how much you care for them. You can also send out emails signed by the VPS, CEOs or anyone in the top hierarchy.  Also, don’t forget that this is the right opportunity to widen your customer database. Engage the customers in discussions in forums to discuss the situation and industry. Say in touch! This will help position your brand strongly in the minds of your customers. This pandemic period must not be seen as a marketing opportunity to capitalise on, rather, it must express solidarity and support to build the trust.

If you require help with establishing your brand or require help with changing your marketing strategy, get in touch with a creative branding agency Sydney!

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