Activating the restricted mode in the Vidmate app


As far as entertainment evolves people are exploring various ways in order to enjoy a lot. This has been possible with the emergence of mobile apps. There are so many apps in the market and people are on the lookout for entertainment options. It is suggested that you gauge the right app in order to avail the desired happiness. Each one of us stare at online multimedia content the moment we get some free time.

The selection of the perfect app is important and Vidmate is one to download on the go. This is a supreme application from where you can download content from a host of trustworthy sites. Just you have to download Vidmate apk file before you plan to download or install this app. It also provides you with an opportunity to watch HD videos, funny clips and a lot more. At the same time there is a restricted option on this app that dishonors the inappropriate content. If your kid is using your mobile phone it is suggested that you enable this option.

More about restricted mode

If you happen to an individual who is considering a superlative option in order to restrict videos from the sites, you have to push on the secret mode. Then you might be provided with adult videos. Not only images but videos will be provided by the sites. In order to deal with such issues, it is suggested that you avail the restricted option on.

When you avail the restricted option on, it has immense benefits and only you have an opportunity to watch qualified videos. If you fail to activate this mode then the chances of availing adult videos increases. Yes, a restricted mode is possible and is availed by schools, colleges along with educational hubs. In a default mode the restricted mode is in switched off condition.

Activation of the restricted mode

Suppose you feel that is hard to turn on the restricted mode then you need to enable any of the below mentioned tips and only watch quality media files from anywhere and anytime. Once you turn on the restricted mode you would not be able to watch 18+ videos and never possible to stare on the comments of the content that you watch

  • You need to sign on to the YouTube page
  • Sign on to your account
  • Tap on the right hand corner of the page
  • You would be directed on to the main menu
  • Then you have to click on the settings menu
  • Then you can go on turn on the restricted mode on
  • The color would change over to Blue
  • This means that the restricted mode is turned on

From the discussion till now you might not be aware on how to turn on the restricted mode on. You can make use of the above advice and cash in on the worthy videos from the YouTube site. If you do so you are not going to enjoy any uninterrupted videos.

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