3 Things for Bloggers to Consider Before They Build Their Own Website


It is significant to have an own platform to voice your opinions and craft your writing at one place. Having your own website allows you to not just showcase your blogs but also develop a portfolio for blogging career. It has been always complicated to build a website for maiden bloggers but with proper guidance you are just few steps away from having your own. You just need to take care of few things before and here are those 3 things that you need to consider before you build your website.

  1. What type of Website You Want

There are different types or styles of website where it all depends upon your objective, purpose or requirement lead you to choose accordingly. You have to consider whether it will be a personal opinionated blogging or more like blogs about some niche such as digital marketing, automobiles, earning money online, entertainment and so on. Another aspect could be asking for a professional blogging or a website with featured articles to further make it a business or any form of revenue. There are different treatments and preferences set for certain type of website you want to build.

  1. Decide Whether Go for DIY Website designing or Hire Professionals

Another decisive turn in your conquest to have your own website is to choose whether you are going to build your website or relying on professional website designers. DIY website design hardly cost you anything where having a professional website designer on your site will need some investment to your project. It totally depends upon your budget and purpose. However, you must know that for beginning you can build you website through various visual website building online platforms or use a theme until you have investment to further develop it for revenue purposes. Also, it is not mandatory to have a website designer to establish a good website or even to generate revenue.

  1. Understanding the Elements of Website

You need to understand what works for a website to gain high-traffic and what not. The content is the primary and it is what sticks and sell overall, no matter what how much gloss or attractive your website looks. However, excellent and unique content with easy-interface web design can take you quite far without any professionals. You need to learn about various elements of website like content, web layout, graphics, SEO, social media plugins, digital marketing and many more. There is different level of building a website, starting from developing a website from the scratch using template theme, website building tool or other resources. Then, having a consistent and unique high-quality content catering some niche with visual graphics to engage readers is key part. Once, you are good with content, there comes other technical aspects such as digital marketing, SEO, keywords and social media to make your  website’s reach broader. The purpose is to be relevant in search engine page results and consistent with engaging content.

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